Chandler House and Bloomsbury.

I added to the photos page some pictures of Bloomsbury.

My office at UCL is in Chandler House, which houses departments that mostly focus on language: Linguistics; Language and Communication (where I work); Speech, Hearing and Phonetics Sciences; and Developmental Science, with whom we will soon be merged. The merge is very promising in so far that it will encourage communication (and collaboration) between research groups. Chandler House is a fascinating place with some great research, but sometimes it is easy to get encapsuled within the bubble of your little department.

Chandler House is in Bloomsbury, one of central London's few wonderful pockets of quiet. I work just south of the impressive St Pancras International Station, in which you can board the Eurostar towards Paris and Brussels, and King's Cross Station, in which you can board some kind of wizard train to Hogwarts. The British Museum is just a short stroll from Chandler House.